The Coach School 


Sound Familiar?
Not too long ago, I found myself in a place familiar to many women just like you — scattered, overwhelmed, and frustrated.
I had been told I had to 1:1 coach BEFORE having a successful group coaching program. So I spent months trying to launch a course, VIP Days, & 1:1 coaching to just be in the exact same place months later. Working endlessly, barely getting clients, not hitting my income or schedule goals. 


I wanted to feel like a REAL coach, not just having some clients and making inconsistent months but making 6 figures, being known in my Niche, having a community, and a clear plan to build & scale. 
I decided to launch a $3k Group coaching program and hit 6 figures just 6 months later... after 5 YEARS of spinning my wheels. 
You want to become known in your niche, have one scalable group coaching program that actually gets clients results! 


That's Where We Come In
Inside Group Coach School we give you our step-by-step proven process to building a top-tier group coaching program, results-driven curriculum, become known in your niche, a clear messaging & marketing plan, + sales & launch framework so you can rinse & repeat your sales!


You Don't Need a Large Audience to Be Known In Your Niche!


Create a Top-Tier Group Coaching Program that is Not Even Compareable to Anyone Else In Your Niche!

This 12-month coaching program is a STEP-by-STEP hands-on program that you will walk through from creating, building, pre-launching, & launching your group coaching program.


Inside the Group Coach School you will make clear program decisions, develop a curriculum for your students, set up your marketing strategy & pre launch, & launch your program within your first 90 days!


We give you the exact strategy for 6-figure success with our Breadwinner Energy™ Accelerator Method, our unique framework for success. So you can scale your program for years to come! 


Before hitting my first 6-figure year I spent 5 years in business full time as a Service Provider , Agency Owner, Course Creator, & VIP Day Coach SPINNING MY WHEELS.


I would constantly see everyone else online making $10k+ months and wondering WHAT WAS I MISSING...


I was working 40-60 hour weeks, a single mom, and barely making $3-$5k months but could never get ahead.


Constantly trading time for dollars so I tried VIP Days, Launching a Course.. you name it, I tried it. 


I didn’t even believe $10k months were possible at the time but truly wanted a life of more, a life of luxury, more time, trips, paying off debt, & never stressing about money again. I wanted it BAD I just didn't know HOW to make it happen. 


I was burnt out & ready to quit my business. I truly wanted the freedom, more time, more money but was FAR from it. 


I finally decided stop selling courses & VIP Days and just package what I knew into a group coaching offer!


That year I hit 6 figures in 6 months because I simplified with ONE SIGNATURE OFFER! 


I created this program to help coaches JUST LIKE YOU have the exact steps to build, grow, & scale your business with ONE group coaching program! 


We don't teach you to run Ads, Stressful Long Launches, Large Audience Needed or, Team to be known in your niche! 


Whether you need to create your first-ever program from scratch or re-invent your program from an existing offer, Group Coach School is for you!


This is the most hands on group coaching program in the entire industry. & the best investment you can make.


"Working with Tay & her team has made me a better business owner all around, with more confidence and better pay days too! 
My days run smoother, my ideas flow more freely, and my rates are higher
 On top of the personal and business growth, I've made real friends inside Coach School.
The group of ladies inside is unlike any other community I've ever been a part of." 


- Kristin Austin 


 The Group Coach School

Build a Top Tier Group Coaching Program & Become Known In Your Industry  using our
Breadwinner Energy™ Accelerator Method


This 12-month Group Coaching Program helps Boss, Go Getter, No BS Women build a Top-Tier Group Coaching Program in 90 Days so You Can Become Known In Your Niche!



Every Monday at 12 pm CST we have live open coaching calls for 60-80 minutes. Every single student has the opportunity to get coached 1:1, listen to your peers get coached, provide chat feedback, & replay access to these calls where you can get coached on anything inside the framework. 


BI-WEEKLY THEMED COACHING CALLS - Guest Experts & Copy Review Coaching


Every other Thursday at 12 pm CST our entire group will get coached on themes from Program Decisions, to Building Your Framework to Launching & Sales.  



Each Week You will join your Co-Hort based on where you are inside the program to get coached on your program decisions, program build, unique framework, or your launch. 



Get daily & weekly coaching from Tay & Co Coach Chelsey inside Slack + daily feedback from your peers. This is the most hands on community you have ever been a part of! Inside slack you can be coached, get feedback, share your updates, wins, frustrations, + submit your program or launch for feedback



Our self-paced portal is your guide throughout this entire process we give you EVERYTHING you need to make decisions for your program, decide whos it's for & how it helps them, how long, & pricing to building + tech set up for your program, pre-launch plan & a step by step launch plan to have your first $10k launch in the next 12 months with our proven strategy! 



Every single student gets hands-on coaching every single week inside Slack & our live calls. Each month you can submit your sales page or launch copy to our Copywriter & she will send back a Loom video with feedback + join her 1x per month for a Copy & Messaging Coaching Call


Meet Your Success Team

Inside of The Group Coach School, our entire team is here to bring you the most hands on coaching experience, we set you up for success! 

Tay Daniels

Founder, Creator, & Head Coach inside the Group Coach School. Tay Daniels is a Certified Life & Mindset + Business Coach who coaches every single week inside The Group Coach School. Tay doesn't believe in handing her students off to a team to never see them again -  she even shows up on the days she is supposed to take a break.. 



Courtney Boomer 

Courtney is a 3-year alumni student, a Certified Mindset Coach, the Operations Manager for our team, & a Systems & Tech Co-Coach inside the program. She is here to help our students automate & systemize their business with ease

Chelsey Newmyer


Chelsey is also an Alumni Student & has been a Co-Coach in the program for over a year. Chelsey is a Certified Mindset Coach + Productivity & Time Management Coach who helps our students stop procrastinating & set up their businesses to be simple & serve the life they want to live. 

Jenny Roth


Jenny Roth is also an Alumni Student who is the teams' copywriter. Jenny offers every single student 1:1 feedback on their Sales Page & Launch Copy + Coaches 1 time per month inside the program to help our students nail their messaging & marketing. 



Hey Girl, Hey! It's Tay 

I started Breadwinner Energy™ Co & Coach School because like you I was spinning my wheels day in & day out trying to get past the $3-$5k inconsistent months, working 40+ hours a week as as Virtual Assistant & OBM  & had no clue what to focus on all while being a new mom.

I desperately craved sustainability in my life for me & my daughter. 

I wanted sustainable income, predictable income, more time, more freedom, & a life I truly loved. 

From a young age I knew I was meant for more, going to be a millionaire regardless of my upbringing, I just had no clue how.

I was dedicated to working hard to get there regardless of what it took, I was ready for a life of more. 

In 2016 I started as a virtual assistant then moved into being an agency in 2018. In 2019, I began my coaching career. Today I am a Certified Life & Business Coach through The Life Coach School.

I started this coaching program because I knew there were women out there just like me looking & wanting more. Needing a community of other women that GET IT!

Women with big goals & dreams just needing the right systems & strategy to get there. 

& that is exactly how I not only live my life but empower women to do the same!


"Tay is the perfect mix of pushing you to get to the next level of success while being a loving supportive cheerleader!"


Don't just take it from me...

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

Courtney Boomer

Mom of 4 Under 4 Working 6 Months Out of the Year Making $50k 


"When I say there is no better community or program than Tay's, I mean it. We spill all the tea, help each other out, support each other through hard times and show up for each other! I have purchased more programs, etc through this program than ever before. The referrals are phenomenal, you really can't beat this community ever. 

But Tay's coaching is fire, I have renewed for my 3rd year inside her programs because just as I think I might be growing out of it she finds a way to make it more inclusive and even more fiery than before! I have never ever seen a coach show up, support and truly care for her students more than Tay does. What she says is true, she shows up like she teaches, she has walked the walk and never lies to you to make you feel better. 

I am pretty positive I have bought every program Tay has ever put out there from her first coaching program to now. And I still continue to learn more and more from her and everyone in this program. I truly would be lost without it. 

And to top it all off I made 50K last year working 5-10 hours a week, this year I plan to do the same if not more and I had a freaking baby in the middle of the year. She truly helps you understand your offers, and how to show up for your own people and I could not love her and this community more! "  - Courtney Boomer

Courtney Cherry

From leaving her 6 figure 9-5 as a single mom to making her investment back in less than 4 months. 


"I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to thank you,  Tay & team, for everything. I almost can’t even put into words how much I’ve grown over this past year. 

Most importantly, I have a business. 
I have a viable, sustainable business that I actually enjoy showing up to everyday while also living my life on my terms.  I am forever grateful for the foundation. 
Marra McDonald

From leaving her teaching career to $90k in 8 months!!


"I can say I owe so much to Tay! Now I have my 6 figure blogging company and about to hit six figures in my mentoring business. More importantly I am so beyond happy!

January was my highest CASH month so far at $15,231 And best part- I’m set up to be making MINIMUM 11k cash each month Just as inspiration for you all. I started with Tay Feb 22 last year making 3k a month. Crazy things can happen in a year!!

My first month in I had my first 10k month.

Most importantly, I am confident and proud of my business and each day excited to work. 

You get so much more in the academy then I could ever imagine. So many bonus trainings! You also get a community of women who become family." - Marra M, Agency & Coach 

Suzanne Devine Venuti

Joining  and working with Tay has been a game changer for me.


"I actually met Tay when we were both enrolled in The Life Coach School and I liked her personality immediately. She was already so amazing at coaching and helped me in more ways than I can count. After learning more about her and her business, I was so impressed with her own success at such a young age (I could be her mother, lol)


They say that if you want to succeed in anything, you need to find someone that has done it before and study them. 


Find that role model and learn from them, because they have already tried and failed, over and over, until they succeeded. Tay is my role model and she has an incredible program that helps guide you in building a strong foundation for your own business, but more importantly, the mindset coaching that she provides is truly the key to becoming the CEO of your own business as well as your life.


Joining and working with Tay has been a game changer for me. Having a leader like Tay to guide and coach you as well as the support you get from all the amazing students in the group is incredible. You won’t find anyone that cares more about your success than Tay. She’s the Real Deal!.

Serena Johnson

I got more done in a week than in the last few months in my business.


"Tay and I had met through a coaching program we were both enrolled in. A year later, my friend said, " I signed up for Tay's program." I was super excited for her because Tay is a pretty awesome human being. She has a passion for women to experience freedom in their business as it shows in everything she does. Although I knew this- I was absolutely not interested in being in another coaching program! The ones I have been a part of in the past, I just didn't make as much progress as I wanted and felt like I wasted my money. 


Then my friend would keep inviting me to anything Tay dropped. Eventually I said yes to Tay's week challenge. It was amazing. I got more done in a week than in the last few months in my business.


Throughout the week I knew I wanted to sign up for Tay's program, but I really did not want to repeat my past. But then Tay sent me a personal email to check-in with me. This was a small gesture, but a huge confirmation to me that she did care and wanted what was best for me. 


I have not regretted one second of joining. Tay calls me out when I need to get it together (which is what I need!) The community of women are so encouraging and inspirational. I have a long way to go- but the amount of progress I have made is truly a blessing. 


If you're hesitant about joining- STOP! You need to start today. You need it and so does your business."

Tye Whaley

I Quit My 9-5 Job in 6 Months of Academy


"When I joined I was working a full-time job & every day I asked myself when I was going to be able to become a full-time business owner. 

Within 6 Months, I left my 9-5, I am growing my business, & opportunities are falling in my lap.

Tay forced me to step out of my comfort zone and into my power.

She has a way of making you see things differently, way and giving you exactly what you need, whether it’s a nurturing word or a gentle push.

Joining has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business and my life." 

Jenny Roth

I Made 6-Figures with No Team & Took the Summer Off to Spend with my Daughters


"When I joined I was one year into running my business full-time, I didn't have any automations in my business & was also struggling HARD with social media.

When Tay told me I could grow a successful business without social media and that this coaching program was a YEAR (which is just unheard of!) I knew this was for me.

In just a few months of the program, I've refined my brand, defined my niche, solidified my packages and pricing to meet my income goals, and built my own sales funnel!!

So now when I go to share on social media (if I want to!) that traffic is going somewhere, and I have a purpose for spending my time on Instagram.

I've had my most successful month in business for income to date and my calendar feels (finally) organized so

If you are really ready to do the work and build a business that you are excited to work in do not hesitate to join for a second. It has been hands down the best investment I've made for my business and myself:).

Today I have a 6-figure business that allows me to take summers off & be with my daughters"

Rachel Knaack

From 9-5 to Thrive 


"First off. I have completely changed since I started with Tay.

I joined Academy being fed up with my 9-5 knowing I was destined for greater things.

The program really helped me understand who I am and who it is I’m trying to serve.

I have the complete freedom to do what makes me fly. Tay had been amazing with this.

When you have a business it’s hard sometimes to see things from “non invested eyes” or simply an outsiders perspective. Tay is the only person I ask for advice or insight.

She looks at everything with such a level head and it genuinely helps me be guided correctly instead of feeling like I have to do something because that’s what society is saying.

I actually can’t see my life without Tay, so if you are on the fence know that if you put your ego aside and truly listen you will too be amazed with what you can accomplish." Rachel Knaack

Jaclyn Mayes-Avila

"This program changed so much for me.

Three things I learned  1. Anything is possible, anything. 2. Clarity is key. 3. Community is everything. I will take what I've learned and EXPAND.

I'm so excited to see all the milestones I'll pass in the next year. Stay tuned. Rich hot wife/mom energy coming in through!"

Alicia Benedict

I'm Finally Confident in Who I am 


“I learned that doing something is better than being stuck in indecision and doing nothing.

It used to be so hard for me to publish anything that I didn’t think was the best quality of work. Sharing on social media required hours upon hours! 

But Tay taught me that perfectionism will get you nowhere.

She has really helped me feel confident in who I am, who I want to help, and ultimately why I do what I do. 

Tay is always there to listen, pick you up, and put you back together again!She is kind yet straightforward, she speaks her mind but with such grace, and gives back 1000x the amount of energy you put into her program.

I am so blessed to have joined and been able to learn from her. The amount of knowledge I have gained in this short amount of time is more than I could have imagined!"

Chelsey Newmyer

From Student that Made Her Investment Back to Alumni Coach 


"When I joined I had no idea it would lead to me becoming the accountability coach in the program!​​​​​​​​​ 
I joined because I wanted a year-long business coach (that I could afford!). ​​​​​​​​I joined because I wanted to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs. ​​​​​​​​Wow, I got so much more. ​​​​​​​​
I've made back my investment, met the most amazing community of women I'm lucky to call friends, and grown as a person and CEO. ​​​​​​​​
This program is so freakin comprehensive. And now, in addition to the business brilliance Tay provides, you'll work with me to create a detailed plan to EXECUTE the strategy. ​​​​​​​​"
Caitlin Barkdoll

I've Only Been in a Few Months but the Changes in my Mindset are HUGE! 


"I’ve only been in a few months but the changes in my mindset are huge! As someone who struggles with mental health - it’s really easy to have negative thoughts that hold me back in business. Tay taught me to self coach and is also wonderful at coaching me through mind drama! 


The BEST part  is the community! Access to the portal to go through things at my own speed. And that I can put stuff in slack when it’s on my mind.


The style of coaching is so different than others I’ve experienced. And Tay and Chelsey really care about all students. "  

Karinna Hogan

From Day 1 I Knew I was In the Right Spot


"I found Tay while I was searching on TikTok just scrolling late at night, couldn't sleep, and was just looking at random videos when she popped up on my for you page. She shared her story on how she was a single mom, quit her 9 to 5 and started a business. 


I knew I always wanted to start a business to create a better life for my children, and myself, but I just didn’t know how to do that. I decided to follow her on Instagram and saw that she was selling a mini course so I decided to see what she was all about. I had researched other coaches in the past because I knew I needed a coach. However, those coaches did not align with how I wanted to build my life. I took her mini course and immediately I knew that I needed to have her as my coach but at the time I wasn’t in a financial state to join. She would reach out to me periodically on Instagram to see how everything was going and let me know that when I was ready she was there.


I knew that I needed to make this happen because I knew with her help, Icould gain more freedom, more time with my kids and the stability that I needed in my life. I went through a very difficult divorce. She knew all those details about me plus I have special needs kids, yet I knew she would be the person that would challenge me, motivate me and support me through this process . 


In January I joined & from day one I knew I was in the right spot. In a short amount of time I’ve created a private podcast, a mini course and a coaching program that serves special needs moms who are divorced that are having difficulty co parenting with their difficult ex partners while still working my 9-to-5, with the goal to quit in the next six months. I can’t thank Tay enough for showing up on my for you page and just talking to me from mom to mom about the challenges of parenting and her encouragement and motivation and that’s why I joined. 


If you’re having doubts or any objections about joining JUST DO IT!! You will NOT be disappointed. It is worth it, you will not find a coach like Tay and I’m very grateful for her! "

Kristin Austin

It has made me a better business owner all around, with more confidence and better pay days too!


"This program has made me a better business owner all around, with more confidence and better pay days too! Tay has always been there to listen, support, and coach through the toughest times and the seemingly small "is this even coachable?!" moments. I have learned from her to coach myself through a lot as well.

My days run smoother, my ideas flow more freely, and my rates are higher because of the work I've put in to elevate my business and show up with confidence. Most often nowadays, I know what I need to do -- and hear Tay in my head telling me so! -- it's just a matter of doing it!

On top of my personal and business growth, I've made real friends inside. Luckily, some are even close enough that we've met in person! The group of ladies inside are unlike any other community I've ever been a part of. I'm not often super vulnerable, but I feel safe sharing and I'm always quick to support back. It's just so amazing to know that you have not only Tay, but also Chelsey, and a whole group of kick ass women supporting you wholeheartedly.

I can honestly say that signing up that first year was THE BEST decision I could've made for my business and life!
Tay is the REAL DEAL, no doubt. Having been in a coaching program prior, I was a little hesitant, simply because that one had not met all of my expectations, but ironically, that group was where I met Tay as a fellow student and I got to witness her grow and create the business she has from scratch.
During one of her launches we talked more in depth about her offer and she showed up so genuinely, with so much care and honesty. I knew that her witty, no BS approach was what I needed. As an ambitious entrepreneur I knew Tay would only push me that much further and faster. And it did and has!
I was barely a few months in when I already knew I'd want to stay longer! Tay and the group of ladies I've met inside are simply the best! Our calls are such a highlight of each week and I adore each of them as I do my real life friends. We learn, cry, celebrate, and grow together unlike any group I've ever been part of. I truly have grown so much from being in Academy -- from my rates to my confidence, it's all up! I've hit five figure months, met my prior salary, and booked my biggest client since joining... but most importantly, I have found more peace and time in my weeks, I have prioritized myself and family differently, traveled more freely, and found more alignment in my business. I recently launched my brand coaching program and just last week I opened my new studio -- something I've dreamt of for over two years! It's happening and I'm just so grateful to have Tay and the group on my side and in my corner for all of it (because believe me, she is there for the good, bad, and ugly too -- supporting, coaching, and celebrating!)!!! And I'm already looking forward to year three because I just know it's going to keep on getting better from here!"


Taylor Nosakhere 

I have felt so supported and pushed in all the right ways. I feel like there is no way I will be allowed to fail.


"Inside this program I have felt so supported and pushed in all the right ways. I feel like there is no way I will be allowed to fail. Tay cares so much about my success and has made me feel so capable. She also calls out my BS when needed (aka when I spiral on the same damn hamster wheel over and over) and goes DEEP when I need some extra hand holding.

The extra level of personalized attention is the kicker for me.Makes me so grateful I joined. I felt in my gut that this was what I needed next in my journey to make my business dreams a reality.


Tay was so genuine and cared about my success and as a client of mine, I knew she would have an inside perspective as to how to help me. I also knew I would be losing money if I did not invest in coaching alongside creating my 6 figure scalable offer. I knew 1:1 doula work was not sustainable for the life I wanted to live and needed help creating the offer that would do it. I also knew the other ladies in the container would be GOLD!  "  

Jenzaia DiMartile

$3000/months to $10k/months within the first 6 months.


"I loved the idea that Tay had a VA business herself and could truly relate to the challenges and successes of a service-based business. The community was the best part of Academy for me I really loved connecting each week with the other women in the program. As hard as it was sometimes to hear, Tay's coaching had a profound impact on my life and business. I went from making $3k months to $10k months in my first 6 months"  

Alexandra Chamilothoris

It Truly Shows They Care for Each & Every Member of their Group


"Tay and her team keep it real, keep you accountable and it truly shows they care for each and every one of their program members. They go above and beyond to ensure you are successful with how you market your business. On top of that, you get EVERYTHING you need inside their program to help you start your business.

The icing on the cake? The community that you walk into. All the ladies inside the program are genuine and colllaborative. Always cheering you on when you need it most, and also open to sharing their experiences so that we can all learn from one another.

Best group coaching program out there!!! "  


This program is for you if...

  • You are or want to be a Coach ready to scale your business FAST & be known in your Niche with your Top Tier Program!
  • You move FAST! You like to work with a program & coaches that also take action versus sitting & waiting for the next thing. You are an action-taker
  • You are serious about making coaching a career & making impact on students! You are a change maker!
  • You are ready to put in the work & take consistent action in your business.  You are a no bs kind of woman. 
  • You are ready to be a part of a collaborative community & show up for coaching & support
  • You want to be surrounded by like-minded women who take what they do seriously, surrounded by high achieving successful women who are going to the next level with you!
  •  You care about getting clients results as a coach& are ready to create a program that does just that! Get's RESULTS! 



This program is NOT for you if...

  • You would rather copy what everyone else is doing online or copy your coach
  • You are not willing to commit & show up to do the work & coaching given
  • You don't have any idea of an offer or skill 
  • You haven't even started a business 
  • You are not an industry change maker and are just looking to get rich quick
  • You lack self-awareness & aren't willing to hold yourself accountable for success 
  • You don't want to be supportive inside of a community to your peers
  • You aren't interested in having a top tier group coaching program that gets people results!

So let’s break this down!

Everything We Do Inside The Group Coach School:

  • Weekly Live Business Coaching
  • Bi-Weekly Guest Expert Calls & Copywriter Feedback
  • Weekly Co-Hort Coaching Calls for Building or Launching Your Program
  • The Breadwinner Energy™ Accelerator Method Step-by-step Framework, Trainings, & Worksheets to help you Create, Build, & Launch Your Program in 90 Day
  • Access to the Private Slack Channel for networking, discussions, and connecting with the community + daily coaching 
  • Access to all training videos, materials, resources, and Q&A recordings 
  • Monthly Copy Audits & 1:1 Feedback from Our Copywriter
  • Hands On 1:1 Coaching & Support

Plus this Guarantee!..

  •  Build & Launch Your Top Tier Group Coaching program in 90 days. Become Known In Your Niche in just 12 Months without ads or hey girl dms!


Make Coaching a Career

Imagine waking up every morning feeling free and secure, knowing you have a business that allows you to live the life you desire while making the income you deserve! To put all of your bills on autopay, pay off debt, take that family vacation, buy your dream home or car, feel like you can not stress about money while you spend your time serving clients & changing lives. 


Total Investment For The The Coach Schools Is

$9000- we offer payment plans up to 24 months


We only are accepting 50 students in 2024. Apply now for the January round

Still on the fence?

Submit Your Application & Tay will reach out directly 


Got Questions? 

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